Mobile App Design/UX

Project Description

It all began when I was asked to think of a problem that I had in the past few weeks. One of my biggest frustrations that month was being too shy to approach people at a recent networking event and couldn’t determine who the best contacts were for my situation. The solution – design an app to give shy individuals a tool to approach new people and weed out the best connections. And so, an idea was born…

Ice Breaker is a business app for iOS that helps facilitate face-to-face interactions at networking events in order to help people overcome social anxiety and maximize networking opportunities. By allowing users to strategically plan their interactions, they can maximize their networking efficiency and success.

As part of the Mobile Web Design course at Santa Monica College, this project entailed brainstorming, sketching, persona development, design, prototyping, user testing as well as a final presentation. I discovered that making a user interface look simple was actually quite complex. There are so many elements to consider, and so many approaches to the same problem that I developed a newfound respect for the challenges of designers and developers.

Maybe I won’t be so quick to delete all those free apps anymore… ; )

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Project Details


  • Sketching
  • User Research
  • User Inquiry/Interviews
  • Persona Development
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Visual Design
  • UI Design

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