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Rachel lives for vacation. She is going to Hawaii this year and can’t wait. She is leaving in 100 days and wants to count down toward her vacation. Rachel thinks having a constant reminder of her progress toward vacation will help her get through the tedium of her job. How can you make an app that will be meaningful, easy, and compelling for Rachel to use?

The solution? With her booking confirmation, send Rachel an invitation to try a fantastic new app called Tripsee…

The next day, Rachel goes to work. By 9:45 am, she finds herself day-dreaming, hungry, and anxious for her break to start. Just then, a notification pops up on her phone – it’s Tripsee’s countdown timer – and it says “99 Days ‘Til Maui!”. She forgets about her hunger and decides to tap the “Trip Tips” button. She is delighted to find that Tripsee already knows her departure information and destination.

When the Tripsee App opens, Rachel sees a short, easy to read Fun Tip about how to properly cut a pineapple. She starts salivating thinking about how fresh and sweet the fruit in Hawaii will taste – the only pineapple she ever eats in Michigan is canned… Her boss walks by, and she puts her phone away and heads off on her break.

The next day at 9:45, Rachel gets another notification. It takes her to a Dining Tip that talks about the best luaus in Maui, she swipes and finds another food tip. After a quick read, she taps the Explore Button and discovers that she can quickly learn about everything from Hawaiian culture, to the best nightclubs, all in a quick, short, easy-to-read format that she can read anytime.

The months pass quickly, and Rachel not only receives a daily countdown to her departure, but also manages to learn a little more about what to expect. Time flies, and before she knows it, her departure date has arrived!

Thank you Tripsee!

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  • Wireframing
  • Mobile

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